National Conciliation and Mediation Board
Press Release
January 2016

CALAMBA CITY– “There is always a first time for everything! The first time is always remembered as being the sweetest or the bitterest. As we go along the new path that we have chosen, I hope we will always put as our top priority, the interest of our beloved company- the QUEZELCO 1. As we implement our first ever collective bargaining agreement , please do remember always that we are a family first!. ..and family looks out for each other.”, So said by Quezon Electric Cooperative BOD President Danilo “Jun-jun” Suarez, Jr. in his message.

Thus, Quezon Electric Cooperative 1 (Quezelco 1) management, together with legal counsel Atty . Ben John Raneses and the Quezon Electric Employees Association (Quezea-AGLO) , sign their first ever CSA in the afternoon of 22 January 2016 at Quezelco 1 Boardroom, Pactol, Pitogo, Quezon. The CSA, covering the term June 2015 to June 2020 , with a total estimated financial package of P16,095,000.00, will tend to benefit 300 union members.

The collective bargaining negotiations at Quezelco 1 was not made in heaven. Both parties were reluctant to give in to each other’s proposals and counter-proposals. However, after the series of negotiations/meetings at the company level where both parties saw no glimmer of settlement , the expertise of RCMB IV-A conciliators , headed by Dir. Feliciano R. Orihuela , Jr., was tapped. “It was not easy”, said Boss Jun. But itis good that both parties are open to
suggestions “. In his message, Dir: Jun reminded the parties of their commitment and their responsibilities as enshrined in their CSA, with the assurance that “NCMB is always available to render free services in whatever way we can.”

Quezea-AGLO Union President Edgardo Caday, in his emotional message, assured the top management that they did not organized and seek the assistance of the Association of Genuine Labor Organization (AGLO) Federation, to fight the management- “hindi po kami nag unyon upang ka/abanin ang Quezelco
management, bagkus, kami po ay nangangakong maging katuwang ng management upang mas /along tumibay ang QUEZELCO 1″.

Mr. Caday’s message of commitment was supported by AGLO National Vice¬≠ President Mr. Buth B. Pena, as he assured the top management that they are also for the betterment of Quezelco family. ¬∑

For his part, OIC-GM Inocencio P. Diguidig shared how it is to render service for the company , without giving so much consideration on the financial aspect, citing himself as OIC, and is required to perform managerial functions/responsibilities hirnself as OIC, and is required to perform managerial functions/responsibilities without ‘the corresponding remunerations. ” ..And that is service …” he saidin closing.// Gerie D. Lampitco